OPCC Announces New Board for 2023

OPCC Announces New Board for 2023

After holding elections on Dec. 12, 2022, the Overseas Press Club of Cambodia (OPCC) is pleased to announce the new board that will serve Cambodia’s journalist community for the coming year.

Former president and lifetime member Luke Hunt facilitated elections that saw eight candidates stand for seven positions on the board.

The new board for 2023 is:

President: Gerry Flynn, Southeast Asia reporter for Mongabay

Vice-president: Quinn Libson, editor and op-ed writing trainer at Future Forum

Treasurer: Jack Brook, freelance reporter and part-time editor at CamboJA

Secretary: Fiona Kelliher, freelance reporter 

Board member: Ananth Baliga, freelancer reporter

Board memberName withheld for security purposes, freelance journalist and photographer

The new board includes both staff and freelance editors, reporters and photographers whose work has appeared in local, regional and international outlets including VOD, CamboJA, Southeast Asia Globe, Foreign Policy, Mongabay, BBC, Guardian, Future Forum and many more.

As the Covid-19 pandemic receded somewhat from view in 2022, the OPCC was once again able to host in-person social events, along with digital security and open-source investigation training sessions. Unfortunately, the last 12 months have also seen an uptick in the harassment of OPCC members and Cambodian journalists. 

The OPCC will always advocate for journalists working in Cambodia and calls for authorities to immediately stop the harassment, intimidation and arrests that have been directed at journalists throughout 2022. This will be especially important as we head towards the 2023 national election, which all journalists — including OPCC members — have a right to cover without fear of arrest.

Having surveyed our members, the OPCC will continue to hold social events throughout 2023, along with professional development opportunities and exhibitions showcasing Cambodia’s journalism. Journalists interested in discussing these matters and more are encouraged to reach out with ideas on how the Board can better serve OPCC members.

To become a member of the OPCC, email opccambodia@gmail.com. Membership is open to all foreign journalists and members of the media community in Cambodia. The OPCC asks for a US$15 annual contribution from members.

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