The Board

The OPCC Board of Directors is composed of volunteers nominated and then elected by the members of the association. Our last election was held in December 2021 for a one-year mandate.

2021-2022 OPCC Board of Directors

President | Matt Surrusco
Based in Phnom Penh since 2016, Matt Surrusco is an editor, reporter and journalism lecturer. He has reported for New Naratif, VOD, German news agency dpa and The Cambodia Daily, among other outlets.

Vice President | Quinn Libson
Quinn Libson is a freelance writer and audio producer based in Phnom Penh since 2018. Her work has appeared in NPR, New NaratifSouth China Morning Post, and elsewhere. She also mentors emerging Cambodian researchers as part of her role as editor for New Voices, a forthcoming publication from Future Forum, a Cambodian public policy think tank.

Treasurer | Danielle Keeton-Olsen
Danielle Keeton-Olsen is a freelance journalist and contributing editor at VOD English in Phnom Penh. Both for local and international publications, Danielle focuses on environment, economy and labor. She arrived in Phnom Penh in 2017 as an intern for The Cambodia Daily, and managed to carve out a life as a freelance writer in spite of political chaos and broken bones of that first year.

Secretary | Gerald Flynn
Gerald Flynn is a British freelance journalist based in Cambodia where he regularly covers social and environmental issues for Mongabay, The Third Pole, New Naratif and VOD English, he also serves as a part-time editor at Thmey Thmey News’s English language edition, Cambodianess. He has been sweating out stiff drinks in Southeast Asia for four years.

Regular Board Members

Jack Brook
Jack Brook is an editor at the Southeast Asia Globe. His writing has also appeared in VOD News, the Christian Science Monitor, The Jerusalem Post and other publications. Originally from California, he came to Cambodia as a 2020-2021 Luce Scholar.

Juliette Buchez
A French freelance journalist based in Phnom Penh since 2017, Juliette Buchez has been reporting news from Cambodia for RFI – Radio France Internationale‘s French broadcast. As a multimedia trained journalist, her work has also appeared in French publications and has been broadcast across international TV and radio.

Thomas Cristofoletti 
A photographer and videographer, Thomas Cristofoletti is co-founder of RUOM, a collective of multimedia journalists specializing in social reportage throughout Asia. Based in Cambodia since 2012, he has been focusing his work on human rights and environmental issues in the region. His photographs and videos have been featured on The New York Times, The Guardian or The South China Morning Post.


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